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The idea for No Boundaries started more than 10 years ago in a college dorm room. Although the concept has evolved over time, our mission has remained consistent: provide affordable access to the mountains for the everyday skier. In a time where the ski industry is changing rapidly and it’s more expensive than ever for someone new to get into the sport, this mission has become even more important. We’re excited to announce that this season, we were able to get nearly 500 of our members to the mountains and save them a collective $19,929 on tickets and rentals in the process.

The cost of skiing for a day has skyrocketed the past few years. At the same time, the expansion of multi-resort passes (such as the Epic Pass and Ikon Pass) has made the cost of owning a season pass much more manageable. This has been a great opportunity for many skiers across the country. In fact, we’ve been season pass holders ourselves in the past. If you can plan in advance and ski many times a year, it’s too good of a deal to pass up. However, the expansion of these pass products is a major reason why single day lift tickets prices have gone through the roof.

Most people only ski a few times a year and don’t want to make their plans 6 months in advance. They are faced with two options: pay the high lift ticket price or don’t ski at all. We believe that resorts don’t want to push these people away, but we fear that it’s already starting to happen and these multi-resort season passes will ultimately hurt the ski industry. With No Boundaries, we’ve found a unique way to connect the casual skier with the mountains. It’s a win-win situation. Our members can ski for a reasonable price, and the mountains have visitors that they probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Having said all that, we’re not naïve. We don’t think we can single-handedly change the ski industry overnight. This is still just a side project for us, but one we’re extremely passionate about. We can’t even begin to describe how much satisfaction we get from our members telling us that they love what we do, or they are only skiing that day because of us. It makes it all worth it.

We’re not sure where exactly this journey will take us, but we’re glad to have so many of you along for the ride. If you’re a fan of what we’re doing, please help us spread the word about No Boundaries. We want everyone to have access to affordable skiing. And stay tuned for some exciting announcements next year! We have some big plans that we think you’ll love.

Until next season,

Matt and Bill

No Boundaries


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