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10+ inches of snow: 4 mountains across 3 states open this weekend

10+ inches of snow at Wildcat on 10/24/2018

It may still be October, but reports out of Wildcat and Sunday River are showing more than 10 inches of snow at the higher elevations. Thanks to that storm, and Mother Nature cooperating with excellent snow making temperatures, there will be 4 mountains open for skiing and riding this weekend. Here’s everything you need to know:


Currently the only resort offering mid-week skiing in the East. They are currently operating 3 trails in the North Ridge area, with the hopes of opening a 4th this weekend. Uploading and downloading on the K-1 Gondola is mandatory to access the open terrain. Lift ticket rates are currently $59 for adults

Sunday River

Opening Saturday and Sunday with skiing on upper Locke Mountain. Lift ticket window rates haven’t been announced, but last weekend’s rates were $30 for all ages. Uploading/downloading is currently mandatory to reach the open terrain, but they hope to have top to bottom access available soon.


Opening on Saturday with top to bottom skiing (2,100 vertical feet!) on the Lynx trail. Tickets will be $55 at the window but can be purchased for less online in advance.

Mount Snow

Opening on Saturday for weekend-only operations. This will be the earliest opening in Mount Snow’s history. There will be top to-bottom skiing with at least 4 trails open and potentially even more terrain depending on weather conditions. Ticket prices are $65 at the window but can be purchased for less online in advance.

This is the best start to a ski season in recent memory. If you haven’t already, make sure you become a member of No Boundaries so you can access all of our amazing lift ticket deals.


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