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Dartmouth Skiway and Whaleback have left the No Boundaries Pass, now on sale for $99

Here's the short version:

We've lowered the price of the No Boundaries Pass to $99. It now provides up to 3 days of skiing at each of our three partner mountains: Tenney, Mt. Abram, and Granite Gorge. Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway were unexpectedly given an ultimatum by the Indy Pass and forced to leave the No Boundaries Pass. We're actively looking for new partner mountains to add before the season starts. Everyone who already purchased a pass was offered the lower price or a full refund.

Here's what happened:

We put the 23/24 No Boundaries Pass on sale just a few weeks ago. It provided between 1 and 3 days of skiing at each of our five partner mountains (Tenney, Mt. Abram, Granite Gorge, Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway) for just $119. Apparently our product was viewed as a threat by the Indy Pass.

Both Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway were on our pass last year, and we've worked with both of them in prior years as well. Last season, Indy Pass created their "Allied" resort program. Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway joined that program. They were not part of the formal Indy Pass, but Indy Passholders were entitled to discounts on day tickets. This program and the No Boundaries Pass existed simultaneously last year without issues, and Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway (which operate as non-profits) benefited by being aligned to both products.

Immediately after we put the No Boundaries Pass on sale this year, the folks at Indy Pass gave Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway an ultimatum: Get off the No Boundaries Pass or we'll terminate your relationship with Indy Pass. We weren't directly involved in those conversations, but the management teams at Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway told us they were shocked and frustrated that Indy Pass would put them in this position and they didn't believe it was right. There may have been other promises or threats made by the Indy Pass that we're not aware of.

Regardless, both mountains needed to do what's best for their businesses and we respect their decisions. It's tough to believe that the Indy Pass, an organization that claims to support independent mountains, would put two small non-profit ski areas in a position where they needed to give up a revenue stream. We'll always support and do what's best for our partner mountains, and we would welcome Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway back with open arms at any time. We hope our members will still support them this season and in the future.

Ironically, the Indy Pass has been sold out since April. Even if you wanted to buy one right now to support Whaleback and Dartmouth Skiway, or any of their other independent resorts, you simply can't.

The No Boundaries Pass is on sale now at a special introductory price of $99. With your pass, you can still ski up to 9 days at three fantastic, independent ski areas: Tenney, Mt. Abram, and Granite Gorge. We're still hoping to add a new partner(s) for this season. The No Boundaries Pass has no black out dates, meaning you can ski any day of the season, but if you avoid peak days the pass rewards you with more skiing.

No Boundaries Passholders are entitled to either:

  • 1 Saturday/holiday lift ticket, OR

  • 1 Sunday and 1 weekday lift ticket, OR

  • 3 weekday lift tickets

We've been operating No Boundaries for a decade now. There have been many ups and downs and changes along the way. Our passion has always been to make skiing more accessible to our members, and to introduce you to some great ski areas along the way. We're sorry that the Indy Pass has gotten in the way of that.


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