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Introducing the No Boundaries Pass

For 9 years, we've provided our members with affordable access to skiing and riding across the Northeast. Our ticket deals were always for specific mountains on specific dates, but this year we're excited to offer a brand new product that gives you flexibility to ski where you want, when you want.

Introducing the No Boundaries Pass: a multi-mountain pass product that provides up to 9 days of skiing for just $99!

The No Boundaries Pass gives you access to each of our 3 partner mountains for up to 3 days of skiing at EACH mountain. This season, we're happy to be partnering with:

  • Mt. Abram in Greenwood, Maine

  • Dartmouth Skiway in Lyme, New Hampshire

  • Whaleback in Enfield, New Hampshire

There are zero blackout dates with the No Boundaries Pass, but you do get rewarded with more days of skiing if you avoid peak days.

Please note that the No Boundaries Pass is replacing our daily lift ticket deals for this season, but stay tuned for other announcements throughout the season.


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