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New Hampshire approves the sale of Mount Sunapee to Vail Resorts

Earlier this evening, the Commissioner of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources of the State of New Hampshire announced that she has approved the sale of the lease to operate Mount Sunapee to Vail Resorts.

Back in June, Vail announced that it had acquired Mount Sunapee, Okemo, and Crested Butte in Colorado. Soon after the announcement, the State of New Hampshire intervened before allowing the transaction to be completed. Since Mount Sunapee is operated through a lease on state land, the state had final authority to approve or disapprove the transaction.

During a meeting held at Mount Sunapee in July, Vail gave a presentation on their plans for the mountain. A major concern from the public was real estate development on the mountain, something Vail Resorts is known for. Vail promised that real estate development was not a part of their plan.

After several months of going through their due diligence (which included public meetings, financial reviews, and environmental assessments) the state determined that allowing the sale of the lease to Vail Resorts was a good thing for the state. Those who have purchased an Epic Pass will be happy to know that it is officially valid at Mount Sunapee for this coming season.


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