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Wachusett on a holiday for only $49

With New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday, many people will have Monday, January 2nd off from work. Take advantage of the extra day and come ski or ride with No Boundaries at Wachusett for only $49 for adults and $39 for kids.

Holiday rates are in effect at Wachusett on Monday, but we’re still able to provide you with an unbelievable ticket deal at almost 30% off. Don’t just sit around and wait to get back to the office on the 3rd, get outside and enjoy an great day on the mountain before you start off the new year.

Wachusett has over 1000 vertical feet of skiing, and it’s still only an hour from Boston. Even though it’s still early in the season, they have almost 100% of their terrain open. Plus, with the FOOT of snow that’s predicted this week, the conditions will be amazing by Monday. Take advantage of our amazing deal and get outside before you head back to the office. See you on the mountain!


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