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Skin up with your downhill gear

The Uphill Adapters allow you to earn your turns without spending a fortune on new gear


  • No need for new skis, bindings or boots*. Use the gear you already have!

  • When paired with a set of skins, the Uphill Adapters convert your downhill gear into fully functional uphill set up. 

  • When you get to the top, simply put the adapters in your pack and enjoy the ride down with your regular downhill setup.

Simple steps to earn your turns
  1. Rotate the heel piece until it matches your boot sole length

  2. Apply your favorite skins; we recommend the Rover Ski Skins

  3. Click the Uphill Adapters into your regular downhill bindings

  4. Step into the toe piece and tighten the buckle

  5. Skin uphill! Use the low and high risers to save your calves

  6. Step out of the adapters at the top by pushing the red buckle

  7. Click the Uphill Adapters out of your bindings

  8. Place them in your pack, step into your skis, enjoy the ride!

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Adjustable, simple, and affordable
  • Our patent pending technology adjusts to fit most adult boots* with a BSL between 268 mm and 360 mm without any special tools.

  • The Uphill Adapters fit most bindings without modification; if they don't fit yours, we'll send you a spacer to make them fit.

Limited quantity at $199 

Order your Uphill Adapters now for delivery in just a few days.

Due to global supply chain issues, we'll only be able to offer a limited quantity this year and we anticipate selling out before the end of the season. Order your Uphill Adapters today!


*Certain boots with GripWalk soles may not be compatible with this year's model.  Please contact us if your boots have GripWalk soles before purchasing.


Uphill Adapters

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